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Sewing Ideas for Kids

I thought I’d go in a little bit of a different direction today and talk about sewing ideas for kids and how you can get your children involved in your new hobby. If you have young kids at home, they are no doubt interested in what you’re up to. It may even be to the point where you can’t focus on your project because your children are requiring too much of your attention.

The “easy” solution would be to distract your kids by turning on the television, but I recommend that you take a different approach. Nurture any interest they might be showing, and create a project that they can do alongside of you. There are projects available for all skill levels, but just make sure that you choose one that’s age appropriate.

Simple Sewing Ideas for Kids

One very simple project that can be fun for a child of almost any age (although it’s more appropriate for girls) is to sew a hair scrunchy.  It’s a hand sewing project, but it’s a great introduction to sewing.  You’ll need the following materials to get started:

  • A 30″ x 4.5″ piece of fabric
  • A 10″ long piece of elastic (1/4″ wide)
  • A safetey pin

Take your fabric and fold it lengthwise so that the face of both sides of the fabric are together.  You’ll then want to have your child sew the long side of the fabric together.  I know this is difficult to describe without photos, but you should end up with a piece of folded-over fabric that is 30″ long.  The fabric will still be “inside-out” at this point and the child will have sewn along the 30″ side of the fabric.

So, the next step is to then turn the fabric with the right side out.  Then, take your safety pin and attach it to the end of the elastic strip.  Have your child insert the elastic into the fabric and use the safety pin to help guide it through to the other end.  Tie the ends of the elastic together and you’re done.  Since you’re putting a 10″ piece of elastic through a 30″ piece of fabric, it will naturally create the “scrunchy” look. 

Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it.  Hopefully a small project like this will keep your child busy for some time and maybe even engage their interest in sewing.  One of the reasons I like the scruncy idea so much is that it’s very inexpensive and many children are happy creating a small collection of designs that they can wear on different occasions.  So, you may need to take a few minutes to show them how to do it the first time, but they should be able to make new ones on their own – and it’s something they can show of and wear whenever they’d like.

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